Monday, July 12, 2010

Twice Bitten - Book 2 of The Chicagoland Vampire Series By Chloe Neill

From the Publisher

Neill's briskly paced third Chicagoland Vampires paranormal romance (after 2009's Friday Night Bites) makes new readers comfortable with a thorough recap before diving into swiftly developing events that will satisfy returning fans. In the two months since graduate student Merit was involuntarily turned into the Cadogan House Sentinel by master vampire Ethan Sullivan, she's become part of the vampires' recent emergence into the public eye, battled another master vampire, suffered several emotional upheavals, and honed her fighting skills. Now she's assigned to guard the leader of North America's shape-shifters as the packs gather in Chicago to discuss the future of their often strained relationship with vampires. Merit's frequently snarky voice and amusing observations about the occasional absurdities of her situation combine with the magic of Neill's world in a refreshing take on urban fantasy.

My Review Rating 9/10

I just love this series, its one of my favourites and it gets better and better with each book.If the first book is Merit's birth as a vampire, the second is her tortured adolescence, then I'd call this one Merit finally coming into her own as a vampire. A lot more action than in previous books (of every kind). We got to know some of the other players, Merit got to know more of her fellow vampires, and things are nicely set up for future books.

I am not going into the details as that would spoil it. The story flowed well, was a quick read, and I had a lot of fun reading it. I'll definitely be getting the next one.



  1. Will definitely read it :)

  2. Hi Emma. I saw your comment over on Library Girl Reads and wanted to hop over to say welcome to the book blogosphere! It's always fun to find new book bloggers. I'm subscribing to your blog via my feedreader, so I'll be back often :)