Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy 1) By Brent Weeks

Product Description

For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art-and he is the city's most accomplished artist.

For Azoth, survival is precarious. Something you never take for granted. As a guild rat, he's grown up in the slums, and learned to judge people quickly - and to take risks. Risks like apprenticing himself to Durzo Blint.

But to be accepted, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and embrace a new identity and name. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to navigate the assassins' world of dangerous politics and strange magics - and cultivate a flair for death.

MY REVIEW    1/10

I actually didn't finish this book,and read upto page 127 of 450 pages of the ebook. It was quite painful to read and extremely frustrating. I didn't care about the characters nor the plot which seemed non-existent, and the descriptions and names were cringe worthy "doll-girl, wetboy, rat, Durzo Blint? Why on earth would you call an assassin a wetboy, sounds rather fishy to me and with all these ridiculous names I found it difficult to read. The plot jumped from 1 character to another which was utterly confusing and u necessary. The idea of keeping all the pointless scenes leads to a complete mess.

Frankly I was very disappointed.


  1. Hi, you have an award over at my blog.


  2. And if you bother to finish the first book at least, you will get the story. No good book will lay its plot in its first 127 pages. Better off reading the Diary of the Wimpy kid if you are in need of a simpleton story.